Principal's Desk

It gives me immense pleasure to be a part of the fraternity of modern school ,together as a team we work with a team sprit to educate our children not merely for a living but for life. A life lived should be with a purpose and goal oriented. Our pursuit is to guide the child towards that goal in an enjoyable stress free environment and also empower him/her emotionally, physically, ethically, and intellectually, each school has its own ethos, traditions and identity. Parents should understand and evaluate this aspect, as your children will be influenced by what we stand for. No compromise will be made in our basic beliefs, to satisfy the individual and varied requirements of parents.
We believe that all students are equal and must make their own mark within community.The financial and social status of parents is irrelevent. Each student’s individually will be taught to complete against themselves rather than against others. Good behaviour must similarly be not to impress others because it satisfies ones own respect.
The character training is fostered by the environment we creates and the opportunities we offer: students will be given the opportunity to handle responsibilities and also to accept personal responsibilities, to acqiure new skills and to make decisions for themselves. Discipline must be based on example and self control because we at this school are involved and not in the control of the masses but individual development for leadership.


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